Please see below details of distraction theft close to Albox from the person it happened to:

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Please see below details of distraction theft close to Albox from the person it happened to:

Time: 12.10 pm in Longo's car park

Date: Thurs 25th August 2011

Robbers: Obviously TWO but only saw one in what I could recognise as a Black Seat (shiny so guess fairly new-ish).

Method: Had shopped in computer store in Longo's yard & returned to car with goods & put them in boot. Relocked car, went to The Book Box in same area with donations. Returned to car, by now cars parked in tight line with very little space between each for drivers to enter/exit their own vehicles. I slid down the side of mine, unlocked door & got in. Put key in ignition and started-up. At this point I ONLY THEN take my bag off my shoulder and hang it on the arm of my driving seat. I do not remember actually doing this but must have done because, as soon as engine started, there was a toot-tooting behind me and the driver of the Seat (the ONLY person in the car) beckoned me waving a piece of paper. I remember cursing "oh hell" as it was a job getting my body out of such a tight parking space! However I went and stood with the back of my body resting on the boot of my car (that's how close it was) the driver waived a hand-drawn map on a piece of plain white paper asking for directions to a "polygon" for "uniformas". On the map was a roughly drawn sketch in red & blue biro of the autovia between Mojacar & Vera with unidentified roads off. As I know there is such a factory at exit 520 (Los Gallardos) on the autovia, I pointed to Vera on the map, he repeated "Vera" & was in a hurry to get away so drove off at some speed whilst I squeezed back into my driver's seat. As soon as I realised there was no bag on my shoulder nor in the car I immediately knew "distraction theft". Driver was well-casually-dressed white, speaking good Spanish but not necessarily Spanish himself; had fair/slightly receeding hair and a similar-coloured small moustache. Looked slightly stocky and, although' he was seated, could guess his height at around 1.60mtrs.As I only ever saw ONE person (the driver) I must assume that the accomplice was already in position on the passenger side of the vehicle, ducking down out of sight and, when I began to drive away, my alert that a door was open went off & sure enough it was that of the passenger door. It occurs to me that I must have been "observed" whilst making my two trips from the car park to the shop-outlets. Maybe IF (there's that word!) I'd not bothered about the books & made only the single trip to the computer store......