AHW Officers’ & Coordinators’ Roles


  • Monitor compliance with AHW rules and processes.
  • Monitor and encourage committee members activity and scrutinise if necessary.
  • Liaise with Mayor and other senior Town hall staff / councillors.
  • Shall be responsible for the development of the annual AHW focus, the monitoring of progress made in achieving its aims and reporting this success to the membership
  • Shall have overall responsibility for the management and administrative efficiency of AHW.
  • Liaise with Local Police.
  • Responsible for planning and organising dates for all meetings and to book the Town Hall for the two "all coordinator" meetings and the Museum for the AGM.
  • Chair Executive Meetings and semi-annual Coordinators Meetings.
  • Responsible for the minutes following the exec meetings and to distribute for further distribution to the coordinators.
  • Be a signatory with the Treasurer.
  • Prepare and print periodic Chairperson's reports for the Executive and coordinator Meetings.
  • Recommend and propose rule or process changes at AGM.
  • Prepare and present an Annual President's Report for the November Annual General Meetings.

Time taken, various amounts per week, some weeks no activity.

Membership Secretary

    • Shall maintain the database of members records.

The role in recent years has focused on:-

  • Maintain the application forms from members by urbanisation in a box file. Every now and again you need to contact coordinators for an up to date list of their members as people do move on. This has not been down for a couple of years and probably needs doing soon. You will find you will have to chase a number of coordinators who do now reply very quickly. There are obviously more application forms than there are actual members at the moment.
  • Be a member of the committee that meets four times a year and the AGM.
  • Generally deal with publicity, which usually means producing a poster in town hall and a short press release.

Minute & Agenda Secretary

  • About two weeks before the Executive Committee Meetings and the Committee/Coordinator meetings and AGM, request Lead Coordinator to send out reminders of the date of the Meeting & asking for items for the Agenda & any apologies, he will pass input back to you.
  • Send out the Agenda to all Executive Committee Members at least 8 days before the Meeting, and agenda for Committee/Coordinator meetings will be issued by lead coordinator to all the coordinators.
  • Take the minutes of all Meetings, bullet form not in detail. Estimated on average at less than half a day per meeting five times a year. Pass minutes to Lead coordinator for distribution after President has approved minutes. The minutes will be formally ratified at the next meeting.
  • Attend to 4 Executive Committee Meetings held throughout the year and the AGM.


  • To share the handling of all the finances of the AHW scheme.
  • Keep accurate records of all receipts for payments of services.
  • Keep accurate records of all incoming monies.
  • Prepare and print bi-annual financial reports for the Executive and coordinator Meetings.
  • Prepare and print an Annual Financial Report for the November Annual General Meetings. This report to be checked and signed off by the Deputy Treasurer.
  • Check and agree all bank statements to ensure no errors are made by the bank or any overcharges have occurred.
  • Make all financial documents available to scrutiny if necessary.
  • Attend Executive Meetings when called and semi-annual Coordinators Meetings.
  • Attend and present the Treasurers Annual Financial Report to The November Annual General Meeting.

Estimated as 2 hours per week, most weeks no activity.

Lead Coordinator

  • Acting as the focal point for general enquiries and potential new members from AHW web site.
  • Publicity and other public communications (flyers, newspaper & magazine articles). Currently, acting as "press officer" for publications, general communications, dealing with press and radio stations, (this activity will pass to Publicity officer when appointed).
  • Receiving general security information that is publicly available, local alerts and incidents from police, other community organisations and our own AHW members.
  • Analysing and selectively issuing advisories based on information received.
  • Monitor other local neighbourhood watch schemes and the National neighbourhood watch association. Monitor Foreign Office webs sites and similar organisations for appropriate information to our members.
  • Shall keep the General Committee updated as appropriate on matters relating to Data Protection, Health and Safety and Public Liability issues.
  • Shall be the focal point in AHW for all matters relating to Data Protection, Health and Safety and Public Liability.
  • Offering support and advice to coordinators and new members.
  • Recording activity in a journal (one line per activity).
  • Attend executive committee and AHW Coordinators meetings and prepare a report for the AGM.

The amount of activity varies from no activity to up to 4 or 5 hours per week.

Barriada/Area Coordinator

  • Acting as the focal point for general enquiries and potential new members in your barriada / street or area.
  • Report local activity at the semi-annual All Coordinator meetings.
  • Report incidents to Lead Coordinator and/or police as appropriate.
  • Receiving advisories and other messages from Lead Coordinator for dissemination to members in their barriada / street or area.
  • Analysing and selectively issuing advisories based on information received as you see fit.
  • Offering support and advice to new or prospective members.
  • Other ad-hoc support to their members as they deem appropriate,
  • Attend the twice annual coordinators meetings and AGM.

The amount of activity varies from no activity to up to 2 hours per month. (This includes attending semi-annual All Coordinator meetings).

AHW Committee member without portfolio Role

  • Participate in committee meetings discussion.
  • Offer any ideas and suggestions you have to the committee.
  • Act as a check and balance on behalf of ordinary AHW members.
  • Optionally deputise for other committee members if only prepared to do so.

The amount of activity is minimal 5 one hour meetings a year (comprising 2 Executive Committee meetings, 2 Committe/Coordinator Meetings and the AGM).