Emergency and other Useful Numbers

Making early contact with the correct authorities after an incident can be vital to the possible apprehension of any criminals and your safety. This page sets out useful information to help you contact the appropriate authorities in a prompt and accurate manner.

Bear in mind that language difficulties can hamper communication and that although there are several English speaking services, most will expect you to speak at least a basic level of Spanish.


Arboleas Policia Local

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel: 609 45 66 79

If Arboleas Police Station is not responding:
Call the Guardia Civil phone number is 062. It is available 24 hours a day and depends on the person responding whether they speak English or not. When you phone they send the Patrol Service that it is nearest to the incident. Possibly they'll come from Zurgena, Albox, Oria... It is depends on the availability of patrols at that time.

It is important to note that in many urbanisations in Arboleas there are no recognised maps at the present time which makes it difficult to direct emergency vehicles to your property. Although this issue is currently being addressed, in the meantime it is suggested that one of the following three options is employed.

  • Someone wearing a high visibility jacket arranges to meet the vehicle at the nearest point that the vehicle is likely to recognise.
  • Householders have prepared (in Spanish) detailed directions to their property and these can be read out over the telephone.
  • If possible, have your satellite navigation coordinates available, many ambulances now have the facility to use this system to locate your property.

Emergency Number (Fire/Police/Ambulance) 112
If you call this telephone number which is directed to Madrid Central, they will either redirect you to Huercal Overa or Arboleas direct. You can ask for an English Speaking operator on this number.


Arboleas Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) 950 44 64 30
Consultorio Medico Arboleas (Arboleas Medical Centre) 950 63 95 36
Farmacia (Arboleas) 950 44 94 50
Albox Fire Brigade 950 12 01 28
Albox Medical Centre (Urgencias) 950 02 32 11
Proteccion Civil de Albox 950 43 08 29



Huercal Overa 950 02 90 00
Almeria 950 23 06 02



American Express 902 37 56 37
4B (Visa Mastercard) 913 62 62 00
Diners Club 901 10 10 11
Servired (Visa Mastercard) 902 19 21 00


When travelling in Spain (includes your visitors) you can use the 902 102 112 number to report any incidents such as:

  • Burglary and stealing
  • Loss of documents and/or items
  • Documents and/or items in vehicle
  • Addresses and premises burglaries
  • Damages

This is further explained on the Policia National web site (in English) at: http://www.policia.es/