AHW Newsletter No.1  

Incidents & Crimes - March 2018
Maria Luisa reported a burglary on the evening of 21st March in Huevanillas, of a holiday home. Entry was through a glass front door.


Advisories issued March 2018
One advisory issued from Policia Locale discussed at Coordinators Meeting on 22nd regarding debit and credit card scams – also with holiday period approaching potential for burglaries and our first burglary in six months.


News & Highlights
At the AHW Coordinators meeting on Thursday 22nd March it was decided to centralise the issuing of advisories and emails. It will take a while to centralise all the emails. It was also decided to issue a monthly newsletter – which is what you are now reading. AHW Coordinators in your area (barriada) will continue to operate, welcoming new members, passing on local news & intelligence. You are encouraged to contribute either through your coordinator or directly using the AHW Facebook pages.

As the lead coordinator Mark Drew is happy to receive contributions and local news for those of you without a coordinator. With this centralisation comes the need to formally backup Mark's role – any volunteers?


Items posted on AHW Facebook Pages – March 2018

  • Solo Travellers guide to keep you and your credit cards safe.
  • Search results scam – first result on Google may not be the one you want
  • Facebook Privacy – how to protect yourself
  • Lead coordinator's report since AGM
  • UK Telephone Preference Service scam – if you have a UK telephone number
  • Letter from our President – your committee needs your ideas
  • Flash Vulnerability – yet another flash issue
  • How to check your privacy on Facebook, Twitter etc.


Items from you - our readers
In future editions of this monthly newsletter this section is reserved for your contributions and comments. I will retain editorial authority over content but this is your section.

If you have a future event to publicise a one liner with website link can be included.


Items from the town hall
This slot is for reminders and news from the Townhall – as yet I do not know if they want to use this. e.g. Is your padron up to date? Have you registered to vote? Have you paid your car tax?


Other items of interest including WWW links of interest
Appointment of an additional police officer and a vigilante assistant – Maria Luisa confirmed the proposed action at the AHW Coordinators meeting on 22nd March.


Useful contact numbers suggested by a member let me know of updates to these numbers please.
Phil The Pick Locksmith 697 243 18 - put this in your phone now


It is important to note that in many urbanisations in Arboleas there are no recognised maps at the present time which makes it difficult to direct emergency vehicles to your property.
Although this issue is currently being addressed, in the meantime it is suggested that one of the following three options is employed.

  • Someone wearing a high visibility jacket arranges to meet the vehicle at the nearest point that the vehicle is likely to recognise.
  • Householders have prepared (in Spanish) detailed directions to their property and these can be read out over the telephone.
  • If possible, have your satellite navigation coordinates available, many ambulances now have the facility to use this system to locate your property.

My112 app for your phone will give your coordinates to the 112 centre.

*End of this section* Print this newsletter out and keep it somewhere handy and put locksmith and police numbers in your mobile phone now.

Last but not least please send some feedback, comments, events + items for future issues & picture of the month.