How to join the Scheme

Our growing organisation

We have 19 urbanisations and villages that are members of the Arboleas Home Watch Scheme. This represents tremendous progress over the past few years and is a great help in reducing crime in the Arboleas area. All properties within these areas are eligible to sign up to the scheme, many of which have already done so. If your community is not a member as yet then please read on to find out how to join.


How can you become part of the scheme?

Any community within Arboleas can become part of the Scheme. Firstly you need to get together (about 30 houses is manageable but this can vary with different circumstances). Then you need to appoint a coordinator who has access to email and who should make contact with the Scheme Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will explain what is required. The coordinator then joins the main committee to represent his or her residents. It’s as easy as that!


What are the benefits of joining?

  • Most people feel more secure in the knowledge that their neighbours are keeping an eye on other properties as well as their own.
  • They know that a criminal is more likely to choose a non-Home Watch area to do his/her misdeeds.
  • They get to know their neighbours through their membership and this often leads to caring more for their general area.
  • Some insurance companies give discounts to Scheme members.
  • To help deter would be burglars Home Watch signs are available at no charge for any community that is in the Arboleas Home Watch Scheme.