Your Local Coordinators

The role of the coordinators

The main role of scheme coordinators is to receive and pass relevant information to scheme members. They are also responsible for coordinating activity within the various urbanisations. They are usually your first point of contact on Home Watch matters. They are NOT your local policemen; they do NOT patrol the streets and cannot be expected to act in every individual incident.

Barriadas covered by Arboleas Home Watch Scheme

Alan Pearce Los Garcias 2 & El Chopo
Andrea Ogden Bella Vista / El Rulador
Anne Martin Los Torres B
Bill Morgan Los Torres 1
Chris Hessian Las Golondrinas
Jeanette Bye La Perla
Vic Cole Los Higuerales
Nick Duncan La Judea
Pam Partridge La Cueva
Tony Aldous Los Garcias 1
John Cleave Los Carrascos
Colin James El Prado
Lead Coordinator Areas without current Coordinator


If anybody would like to contact a coordinator please email the lead coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving your name, street name, and Barriada and your email will be passed on directly to the appropriate coordinator.