If you would like to become a member of the Arboleas Home Watch Scheme send your name and the barriada/village where you live to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive joining forms and details from your local coordinator.


arboleas home watchOn behalf of the Arboleas Home Watch Scheme Committee we offer you a warm welcome to your website that is designed to keep the residents of Arboleas informed of measures to help protect themselves and their property.

The existing scheme was developed originally in El Chopo and Los Requenas in April 2007 in response to an increasing number of burglaries and a couple of local El Chopo incidents. Following a meeting of all invited residents a committee was set up to take the idea forward. David Skinner was appointed Chairman, Chris Pearce secretary and Jean Strong was appointed as the Scheme Coordinator. A number of other committee members were also appointed to support these members.

Since its inception there have been several Annual General Meetings and a number of changes to the committee and a considerable increase in the number of members. Information on officers and coordinators can be found on this site.

From the beginning the Scheme set out to:

  • Deter criminal activity
  • Create a greater sense of security and reduce the fear of crime
  • Build bonds between neighbours so that people look out for each other and stimulate neighbourhood awareness
  • Reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim, reduce the physical, financial and psychological costs of crime
  • Address quality of life issues and the mutual interests in our communities
  • Enhance our security
  • Work collaboratively with civic authorities.

The Committee hope that you will browse these pages and that you will find them helpful in improving your personal safety. Most of the material on this site is considered to be common sense practical measures that will go a long way to preventing individuals from being burgled and as a member of the scheme you will receive advisories from your local coordinator periodically.

Because the site is open to the general public it will only contain limited reports of actual incidents. No information of car registrations or any potential litigious information will appear. When you become a member of the Scheme, you will be asked to sign a data protection form and your coordinator will communicate with you directly either by email or in person depending on your preferences.

Arboleas Home Watch Facebook group pageOur Closed Group page on Facebook provides all the latest news, information and postings from your fellow members and ourselves.

If you are not already in the group, please join us by clicking on the Facebook icon.


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