AHW Newsletter No.2  

Incidents & Crimes - April 2018

  1. A man (believed to be English) tried to force open electric gates at 3am in La Perla area.
  2. Set of keys found next to the post box on corner of Calle Colorin, Los Carrascos


Advisories issued April 2018
Warning Mussels with Novovirus in Spain


News & Highlights
At coordinators meeting there was discussion on having a get together of members. For cost reasons this was not pursued. However, one coordinator in the La Perla area is planning a coffee morning for her area in late June/early July. I am planning one for my area of El Prado. Possibly other coordinators or other members of AHW would like to do something similar in their area/barriada/street? This is particularly important for those members without a coordinator who might want a get together on their street, let me know if you plan something or need assistance and I can announce it in future newsletters.

ACRAA Fun Dog Show was held on 29th April infront of the townhall. What a great turn out for the Dog Show. Although a very windy morning it was sunny and that didn't stop people coming out. It was estimated that around 150 dogs were entered in various categories which was excellent. . Thanks to the organisers and supporters for a very well organised event.  ACRAA a fund raising association started in 2009 by Christine & Bernie Axelsen. Since that time, they have raised over 21000 Euros for various local needs: Vera Orphanage, Aspridalba, Help the Aged, 21 Families in Need, Arboleas Local School, plus various Dog Charities. The monies collected will be reported in next month's newsletter.

Simple advice to stop fraud from Take Five. The advice can stop you becoming a victim.

  1. A genuine bank or organisation will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, full password or to move money to another account. Only give out your personal or financial details to use a service that you have given your consent to, that you trust and that you are expecting to be contacted by.
  2. Don’t be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.
  3. Always question uninvited approaches in case it’s a scam. Instead, contact the company directly using a known email or phone number – not one given by the scammer. To read more about Take Five and to access all their useful resources that you can use to spread the message about preventing fraud go to https://takefive-stopfraud.org.uk/
  4. AHW Website - Personal Security when did you last check out the personal security section?
    A new section on the website for advice and warnings about Computers & I.T. has been added. Our site also now has additional downloadable documents: minutes of meetings, list of coordinators, committee members and previous monthly AHW Newsletters.


Items posted on AHW Facebook Pages to 274 group members – April 2018

  • Correction to AHW minutes – N332 link incorrect http://n332.es/
  • Mobile meltdown Link to Kaspersky blog
  • UK Government Travel Advice site
  • The Walk for Life 2018 is on Saturday 5th May.
  • New fines for owners of abandoned pets.
  • Holiday season - Car park thefts at service station at Murcia.
  • Online Marketplace Fraud Advice For Sellers.
  • Facebook’s new fake news strategy is… decide for yourself!
  • Should You Shut Down a Computer When It's Not in Use?
  • Brexit Meeting 2nd May at noon in the museum.
  • Fraudulent websites alleging to offer cryptocurrency
  • WARNING: Mussels is Spain containing Norovirus distributed in Andalucia
  • ‘Martinelli’ WhatsApp Video Hack Warning is Yet Another Hoax.
  • 5 simple tips for better computer security
  • Facebook Check your privacy settings to make sure your posts aren’t searchable.
  • The Arboleas Recycling Centre :- Have you checked out their Facebook pages?
    See details under townhall posts for opening times, costs etc.
  • FIFA World Cup Ticket warning & another post FIFA 2018 World Cup Alert
  • What is phishing?
  • Post inviting followers to become AHW members


Reports from you - our Members
Arboleas Recycling Centre: One of our members had an interesting conversation with the police and a new couple to our area that came to the recycling centre today.

The couple had deposited their rubble into a street bin which resulted in them being denounced and receiving a fine of 200€ for the offence. The police have told our member the fine for depositing anything other than kitchen refuse into street bins starts at 200€ and can be up to as much as 500€. The 200€ fine is for a first offence, a second offence could lead to a fine of 250€, 300€ or up to the 500€ maximum fine. Our reporter honestly believes that this couple genuinely didn't know the situation as they are new to the area and they were very apologetic for their mistake.

The police were happy with the fact the couple have agreed to remove their rubble from the street bin and bring it to the recycling centre to be disposed of corredtly. Our reporter has made this information public so that people are aware action is being taken and this is the first fine I have heard of that has been handed out for abusing a street bin. We have a recycling centre in the village for everyone to use, there is no excuse to abuse the street bins unless you think that paying a possible 200€ fine is worth the risk, so please be warned fines are being enforced.

Thank you Maureen Boulton for this information.


Items from the Town Hall

  • I have just paid my car tax. It is due by 5th June. If you haven't received your letter, you should soon or call in to town hall for a copy. You can get them to put payment on a direct debit to make your life easier and save 5%. Remember to take your full bank details with you, it takes two minutes.
  • Also I have signed up for both a Spanish Landline and UK Landline using the Wifi Service provided by the town hall which is well worth considering.
  • 11th May exposition de Laura Davies (está hasta el 30 de mayo). Flamenco show(11th or 25th May)
  • 11th May trip to the Archena Spa.
  • 19th & 20th May: The incognito singers. Spring Concert. 19th May at 20:00h ,20th May at 15:00h.
  • 7th June : Trip to Cabo de Gata (Almería).
  • 13th July : Exposition Consuelo Navarro (a Woman who lives in Los Carrascos) (hasta 15th August
  • The Consorcio for Rubbish Bills. Apparently the Consorcio have changed who sends out their bills. But this appears not to be happening everywhere. Some bills have gone out but not all. It looks like it is possible that bills could not go out in future and if people want one they will have to go to the Consorcio office in Albox.

Arboleas Recycling Centre.
Opening hours.: 9am to 3pm. Weekdays. 9am to 1pm Saturdays. CLOSED.on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Costs: Free except for Garden cuttings. Cost 2 euros per cubic metre. For first drop. Then 1 euro for each cu.m.thereafter. A cubic metre is roughly a large builders merchant bag. Steve at centre is sensible and will allow say a couple of smaller bags of garden waste free. But ask first and empty out of bags.

The Centre cannot handle the following:-
Plastic, Polystyrene, Glass Fibre, Plaster Board. No Fluids with the exception of Cooking Oil and Engine Oil.

Steve asks if everyone can please only put in the items that the skips are supposed to take. He is having great problems having to climb in skips to take out incorrect products. This is very important. Steve is very helpful and will answer any queries you may have regarding things you need to dispose of.


Other Items of Interest including Charity Events

The Walk for Life 2018 is on Saturday 5th May put it in your diary now.

It will be a fun filled day starting in front of Arboleas Town Hall at 2.30pm with the dog show followed by a flamenco display. The walk itself will start at 1pm, get there about 12 noon for registration...  There is a separate table for the 3 km walkers and the 6km walkers .

There are 3 kilometre and 6 kilometre routes, you can run, walk, walk with your friends, with your kids or your dog and this year you are encouraged to walk in fancy dress.


FLAMENCO at Municipal Theatre, ZURGENA on Saturday 2nd June at 8pm 
Interactive FLAMENCO performance designed to help English speaking community to understand more about the mysteries of the fascinating art of FLAMENCO dance, song & guitar.


Contributions from Members

Maureen's Arboleas

Fifteen years: where has it gone? We arrived in Spain on a one-way ticket looking for a better life: we found it.

When we first came we spoke very little Spanish and still after all this time, have only learned some of the language. The trouble is now, so many of the Spanish are learning English and it makes us lazy. We came here with information from the internet regarding the law on Spanish plated cars and also that we would need private medical as we were not pensioners. So, both were acquired until Garry registered for work when everything changed as we were entitled to use the Spanish medical system. It is not perfect, but hey, where is it perfect?

If not for the teams in Hospital La Inmaculada, I would not be writing this now, so in my eyes, it’s pretty damn good! We’ve seen so many changes and in a way, I suppose we have spoiled the area, but we have also brought prosperity.

Everything from the cup of coffee to buying a car has a knock-on effect. These are the times we live in, rarely can we go back in time. You realise this when there are more years behind you, than in front. We’ve called it home, this village of ours right from the moment we moved into our house two weeks after touching down on Spanish soil. We’ve made friends, not all of whom are British, and lost friends and me having been in the pub trade for most of my life, don’t always take what some folks say as true, but everyone has a story. Some want a warmer climate and to relax after a busy working life, some have resided here and never called it home.

Maybe an increase in family back in the UK has changed their way of thinking and they want to return there. Sadly as well, people go back because they are now on their own and only have family in the UK to help care for them in senior years. There are lots of different reasons that some stay and some return to ‘Old Blighty’. We’ve made mistakes (contrary to common belief, we are human...), learned by them and passed our stories on to others, the good and the bad.

As I said, we love this village and I always get a thrill when we’ve been out for the day, come back round the Cueva and see the buildings across the new bridge and I say to Garry with a happy sigh, “We’re home”.

Author: Maureen Boulton

Local Pictures of Interest


Our first quiz picture. Taken by Judi Bedford-Keogh so people who follow her facebook pages are disqualified from entry. What type of bird is it?

Your prize is the knowledge of getting the correct answer. See next month's newsletter for the JBK answer and any funny entries / comments received.


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