Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to give you an opportunity as ask questions on your security or other Home Watch issues. Just email your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. If I find intruders in my home should I use force?

A. Offenders usually target unoccupied premises as they do not want to be identified. Should you return home during a burglary the Police need to be informed immediately on a 112 call. If you do not have a mobile go to a neighbour. NEVER PUT YOURSELF AT RISK. The offender may be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and possibly carrying a weapon. Only reasonable force may be used to protect yourself. Police Officers are trained to deal with these situations and you should ensure you and your family go to a secure environment.


Q. Does anyone have experience of reinforcing Rejas?

A. I discovered from a variety of sources that it does not need King Kong to remove the hinged lockable Rejas that most builders fit over the access doors to our properties here in Spain, I was further alarmed to be informed how simple it is to get in via sliding patio doors. My wife and I elected to rectify both of these vulnerabilities. Firstly by replacing the sliding doors by a hinged door with a triple bolt locking mechanism and secondly by installing a sliding concertina trellis reja between the existing hinged rejas and each of our entrance doors. I do consider that the simple original rejas were a major vulnerability but this addition is a major deterrent. We are not burglar proof just higher up the try somewhere else list.


Q. All this talk of crime makes me anxious, should I be?

A. When you first join Home Watch you may be given a lot of information about crime, especially in your area. This may alarm you. But remember - the risk of actually being a victim of violent crime is very small indeed. Most crime is against property, not people, and most of your security measures will be aimed at protecting your home and your belongings. Home Watch is all about taking sensible precautions. It reassures vulnerable members of our community that you are keeping a neighbourly eye on them.