The DGT recommends increasing precautions during the winter 

The hours of light decrease in winter and increasing precautions on the road is necessary. Every year, the General Directorate of Traffic advises those drivers who do not have a vehicle with daytime running lights (DRL), to drive with their side lights on during the day especially during periods of low light

They advise to: Keep in mind that with the lights on, a car can be seen 240 meters away. Without them, a black vehicle, in the worst case, only 30 meters away. The Guardia Civil has shared via social networks a graph that shows the distance that a car is seen, according to its colour and different times of day.

car distances


In some northern and central European countries the use of daytime lighting is already mandatory throughout the year. This is the case in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Czech Republic and Poland. In other countries, daytime running lights are obligatory on some roads and in certain seasons of the year.


As always take care when driving on the roads and also, especially, when walking. Bright or High-viz clothing is recommended in dull weather, early mornings or nights; remember grey is a similar colour to dusk, dawn and clouds.