The Guardia Civil advise that having fun means flying drones safely!

Misuse of a drone as a hobby can lead to a fine of up to 225.000 €

What can I do with my drone?

The use of a drone as a hobby or as a recreational flight does not require AESA qualification, but must comply with safety standards. For any other use of a drone if you have to go to AESA. (Spanish but use Chrome browser to translate?) 

What should I know before using a drone?

  • I always need to have it in view and not exceed 120 meters in height
  • It is not necessary to be a pilot but you must know how to fly with safety
  • Only drones can be flown in suitable areas
    • for example, flying zones of aeromodelismo, depopulated areas, etc.
  • the damages caused by the drone are the responsibility of the person who handles it.

What can not I do with a drone?

  • I can not fly it in urban areas
  • I can not go over crowds of people, parks, beaches, concerts, weddings, demonstrations, processions, etc.
  • I can not fly at night.
  • I can not fly near airports, aerodromes, etc.
  • I can not fly it where flights are made with other aircraft, heliports
  • I can not put in danger any third parties


  • The drone is not a toy, it is an aircraft
  • Reckless use of a drone can have consequences.
  • Fines for misuse can reach 225,000 euors

Having fun means to fly safely, avoid endangering other aircraft and people and goods on land