Google Data Privacy

Google is the giant black hole of the tech world, sucking up as much personal data as it can get away with.

google activity controls

  • Google is keeping track of every phrase you've ever searched for, every site you’ve visited and every YouTube video you’ve watched - including the embarrassing ones.
    On the Web, use this link to Google’s activity controls to turn off Web & App Activity.

    While you’re there, scroll down and also turn off YouTube Search History and YouTube Watch History.

    What you give up: You won’t be able to dig back up websites and videos you once visited, and Google’s systems won’t get to know you as well.

  • Google makes a map of everywhere you go that would make GCHQ and the CIA envious.
    On the Web, at the same link for Google’s activity controls turn off Location History.

    There are several ways you might have turned on Location History. Google tells me that in the future, it will stop asking you to turn on this function when you initially set up its Assistant for Android phone. (Imagine that: a tech giant actually scaling back some data collection.)

    What you give up: You won’t be able to walk down memory lane, and Google’s recommendations based on your travels won’t be as good.

    While you’re at it, you can stop oversharing with Google’s advertisers.

  • Google helps marketeers target you on Google-owned sites such as YouTube and Gmail.
    On the Web, use this link for Ads Settings to turn off Ads personalization.
    What you give up: You may see less “useful” ads, a concern for nobody, anywhere, ever.