False "technicians" reviewing security alarms.

This article was in La Voz de Almeria on 7th December 2017 relating to, primarily, commercial properties. It may not be too long before householders are a target so please be aware when allowing anyone into your premises.

The National Police warns traders of a new type of theft

The National Police are warning merchants of a new type of scam that involves false technicians posing as telecommunications or security company workers, who come to their establishments to obtain information that facilitates a subsequent theft.

Citizen Participation agents are informing the different associations of merchants and in establishments such as jewellers, tobacconists, lottery administrations, banking entities or furriers of this new procedure. The thieves send a false technician with the excuse of routine checks to analyze the security measures of the commercial premises and adjoining properties. They usually cut off communications with the alarm center and commit the theft a couple of weeks later, most of the time by the butrón procedure.

Through an informative leaflet, the agents recommend checking the accreditation of technical assumptions and check with the company and, in case of a fraudulent visit, notify the Police.

Preventive campaign among merchants

The National Police has initiated this preventive campaign aimed at the merchants to warn them about the existence of false reviewers. This campaign aims to prevent establishments from falling into this new criminal modality, in which supposed technicians visit the premises in order to obtain the necessary information to subsequently perpetrate a theft. The agents of the different Citizen Participation Units are in charge of informing and distributing explanatory leaflets with prevention advice to the different commercial establishments.

They carry out the theft 15 days later

The modus operandi of these criminals is novel, is to make visits to businesses by posing as technicians of telecommunications companies or supplies, for this claim a review of the installation, routine checks or alleged failures. But the real purpose of the inspection is to study the security systems of the commercial premises and the adjacent properties, to later carry out a robbery, either by means of a butrón or by entering directly according to the security measures observed.

To achieve the hit without suspicion they are disguised as technical staff, with complete uniforms and even false accreditations of the companies they claim to represent. In addition, they take advantage of the visit to cut off the communication between the alarm center and the establishment, in such a way that they prevent the alarm from being generated to the Police on the day of the theft. They also avoid being identified by carrying out the theft at least 15 days after the visit of the fake review and seizing or destroying the image recording hard disks.

Keep your trade safe

The Police stress the importance of keeping the possible victims of a crime informed. To do this, through an information leaflet and visits by agents of Citizen Participation to commercial premises, the National Police recommends a series of easy-to-implement tips that will prevent them from falling into the trap of this new criminal modality:

  • Extreme precautions before unexpected visits of technicians, check the accreditation they carry and compare with the company the veracity of the visit. Never allow the passage of technical assumptions to the premises before verifying their services.
  • In the event of detecting a visit by false technicians or a fraudulent accreditation, the Police must be notified immediately so that a patrol can visit the place as soon as possible.
  • Never inform unknown people about the security systems installed in the establishment and if we have image recording, we must make it on a hard disk not locatable
  • Install a sound alarm system with a protected telephone line, not visible and separated from the rest of the lines.
  • Those establishments that store a considerable volume of cash in the commercial premises are the most vulnerable, therefore the money must be removed from the premises as often as possible.
  • If you want more information to keep your establishment safe, consult the secure trade guide from: www.policia.es