The Trouble with Keys

Despite increasing technological sophistication, the humble old key still rules the roost with regard to home security, and therefore its safekeeping and dutiful use are as important as the property and people being protected.

The Indiscriminate Security Tool

Sophisticated gadgets like numeric keypads and fingerprint recognition devices are increasingly controlling access to private businesses and offices, but home security is still largely ruled by that most ancient of authentication devices – the key.

Get safe online

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10 Security Tips for Online Safety

Protecting Yourself

The chances of you or a member of your family becoming a victim of violent crime are low. Violent crime by strangers in public places are rarer still and account for a very small proportion of recorded crime. You can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of violent crime further by taking a few simple precautions.

Avoid becoming a victim

Vehicle Crime

Vehicle crime accounts for many of the recorded incidents across Spain. This type of crime is however decreasing both locally and nationally. But, despite increased security on newer vehicles, we cannot relax. There are still too many vehicles being broken into or stolen, and being on the receiving end of vehicle crime is a distressing experience. There is also the inconvenience of coping without a car until insurance claims are paid. If the vehicle is returned to you it may be damaged and in need of repair before you can use it again.