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Date 10 May 2016

Awareness on Car Journeys One of our AHW members, during a journey back from the UK by car had a bit of an incident. About 500kms into the journey, (150 kms north of Valencia) we stopped for a short break at a motorway services. 5 minutes or so into our journey after the stop, we had a tyre blow-out on the tra ... Read More

Date 27 February 2016

Vehicle Distraction Distraction Theft from Vehicles Don’t let thieves drive you to distraction.. Advice from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Date 7 February 2016

Airport Security Airport Security Alert The British Consulate in Alicante has requested that its nationals be on alert when they arrive in either El Altet airport outside Alicante, San Javier Airport in Murcia or Manises airport outside Valencia due to the considerable increase in luggage theft. The problem has appa ... Read More

Date 5 February 2016

Property Marking Initiative Property Marking Initiative The Arboleas Home Watch Scheme has in place a Property Marking Initiative for all its members. Your coordinator has a number of special pens which can be made available to members. There are not sufficient pens for everyone to use at once. Click < here > or on ... Read More

Date 3 February 2016

What Burglars are Saying What Burglars are Saying – A Lesson for us in Arboleas? Think your home is secure? Burglars say "you're making life easy". Thieves boast that they can get in no matter what security measures are in place. Inventive ones are prepared to remove doors and poison dogs to get in. A new in-depth study amo ... Read More

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