Albox City Council chooses Cambium Networks for its wireless traffic management network, IP public address and public WiFi

Albox town hall, has become one of the first Smartcity Municipalities in Spain. The project, based on the deployment of a Wireless Municipal Network , developed by Next Communications with Cambium Networks technology, allows improving mobility in certain areas of the municipality, thanks to a network of cameras and an IP public address system, in addition to offering access Free WiFi to neighbours.

The video surveillance system allows a more efficient control of vehicle traffic and optimum compliance with regulations. The network of cameras captures images of the traffic lanes and license plates of the vehicles that transit them, creating a registry to detect, in real time or at a specific moment, traffic infractions and road safety.

The Wireless Municipal Network connects with the Security Control Center, located at the Local Police Headquarters and includes IP Public Address services, which allow interaction with citizens in each area and make announcements of interest. It also offers free WiFi access to residents, which places the Municipality of Albox, as one of the first to join the European initiative WiFi4EU, whose goal is that, by 2020, all public spaces in the EU offer free Internet access.

Advice: Please remember that free WiFi accessable by anyone means that anyone could access your device. Do not use these systems to log into websites that need your password or to transmit sensitive information. Since it is a public and free network, the Town Council recommends not exchanging data that could put the citizen's privacy at risk, such as bank account numbers, credit cards or personal photographs.

Netwise 28.03.19