How to hide your Gmails from prying eyes 


Google has confirmed that the private emails of Gmail users can sometimes be read by the staff at external companies and not just machines.
It's no surprise that computers and algorithms can process your email messages but not everyone knew that humans could be reading them too.

Here's how to check on your account:

From your Gmail account click on your profile image in the top right corner and then click Google account.

gmail account
Note: icon will be different to mine.

gmail manage

gmail apps

Then from the left hand side menu box, choose "Apps with account access".

From here you can see which apps have been linked to your Google account.


If you have allowed apps to read your Gmail messages they may also be read by the app's staff.

You can revoke this permission by clicking on the app and then "Remove access"

gmail access

Netwise 06.07.18