One of our AHW members, during a journey back from the UK by car had a bit of an incident. About 500kms into the journey, (150 kms north of Valencia) we stopped for a short break at a motorway services. 5 minutes or so into our journey after the stop, we had a tyre blow-out on the trailer, pulled into the hard shoulder and a man pulled in to offer assistance. We didn't need any and told him so. We changed the wheel on the trailer and carried on, but when we stopped at our first hotel, near the Spanish/French border, it became clear the man had taken a small bag from our car, containing passports, cards, money and keys. We've since dealt with the passport and credit card loss, the Police have been alerted and a full report made out. 

The Police reckon the tyre had been cut during our stop; we had then been followed until the inevitable tyre blow-out some short time later - a classic method, apparently. I don't suppose these people care whether they kill anyone in the process!

The theft happened some considerable distance away from Arboleas and the Police have assured us that they don't believe there is any need for concern; nevertheless, can I ask that you to keep an extra eye open. 

This incident is a variation on similar thefts driving in UK plated cars from Santander or hire cars from Alicante where something is thrown at the side of the car forcing a stop or flagging down. Please share this with visitors and friends.