What Burglars are Saying – A Lesson for us in Arboleas?

Think your home is secure? Burglars say "you're making life easy".

Thieves boast that they can get in no matter what security measures are in place. Inventive ones are prepared to remove doors and poison dogs to get in.

A new in-depth study amongst a group of convicted British burglars, on behalf of Halifax Home Insurance and conducted by leading criminologist Professor Martin Gill, helps to illustrate why Britain has become Europe's burglary capital.

The report, entitled The Modus Operandi of a Thief, is the culmination of a number of one-to-one interviews with British burglars and a tour of three notorious burglary hotspots in Nottingham, Bedford and the West Midlands.

Burglars were at pains to point out where and how security shy Britons are leaving their homes wide open to burglars. Commenting on the findings of the report, Professor Martin Gill, said: "It's little wonder that Britain has the highest burglary rates, given the startling ease with which thieves told us they can get into our homes."

What the burglars say:

  • Burglars report that burglar alarms are often left inactivated or ignored. This information was confirmed in a separate poll by Halifax where 34% of householders with an alarm fitted to their home said they rarely activated it. A further 33% also said that they assume sounding burglar alarms in their neighbourhood to be false.
  • Burglars report that doors and windows are often left unsecured or even wide open, allowing them to literally let themselves in. This was also backed up by 64% of householders who confessed to occasionally leaving doors unlocked whilst away from the home, and a further 37% whilst inside the home - even though statistics show that 22% of burglaries are carried out with the thief aware that the home was occupied. One offender often gained entry to homes by putting their hands in a letterbox and pulling the keys out.
  • Burglars said that if they were really determined to break into your home then next to nothing will stop them from making an attempt.

Even though this survey was conducted in the UK, there are obvious messages for us here in Arboleas.