Different Classes of Theft under Spanish Law

In July 2016, it was reported on our Facebook page that someone had been robbed at San Javier Airport, Murcia and that they had lost a handbag, with contents, their computer bag containing Macbook Pro, iPad, Sat Nav, portable hard drive and numerous connectors and chargers.

A claim was made to their insurance company, Linea Directa, who informed them that, as they had suffered no violence as described in the Guardia Civil ‘Denuncia', they were not covered for any losses as a result of this incident.

It appears, that there are different classes of theft in Spain:

  1. 'ROBO’ which involves violence, not necessarily against persons, but also to gain access to a property or a vehicle, so with signs of break-in, forced locks etc.
  2. 'HURTO' where there is no violence as described above.

According to Citizens Advice Spain most basic policies cover ´robo´ but do not cover ´hurto´. Checkout this page Crime and Spanish Law for further information.


Linea Directa said that, because the incident was described in the ‘Denuncia' in terms of ‘hurto’, there would be no compensation despite the fact the whole experience was a violent act against persons!

So … beware ... check your house and car insurance policies re: cover when away from home and, if you have occasion to make a ‘Denuncia’ related to theft, try to ensure that the description in the 'Denuncia' is written in terms of ‘robo’ and not ‘hurto’!"